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At Techlab, we understand that Cybersecurity can be very complicated. Therefore, in our approach we breakdown cybersecurity into three steps, forming what we call the KFM lifecycle for cybersecurity.


Know where you are most vulnerable. Any effective cybersecurity program, either large or small needs to start with this first critical step of “knowing” what to and where to protect.



Fixing plan will be designed and implemented in order to fix, patch and improve the vulnerabilities, gaps and issues. This will help organization to effectively reduce their exposure to cyber threats and attacks.

KFM lifecycle



All the activities of “knowing” and “fixing” need to be performed consistently and continuously in an effective and timely manner. Maintaining these activities will gradually bring organization to the desired level of security maturity.

KFM lifecycle

Following our approach, we offer a range of cybersecurity consulting services including:

1. Penetration Testing, Red-teaming, Source Code Review & Cybersecurity Technical Assessment Services

You are worried that your systems could be compromised or might have already been compromised. And you decide that you need to quickly identify the technical vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the technologies you are using (i.e. your systems, web applications, mobile applications, network infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, etc.). Our penetration testing, red-teaming, source code review and technical assessment services can provide the answer.

Cybersecurity Technical Assessment Services
Technical Assessment Services
Cybersecurity Management Assessment Services

2. Cybersecurity Management Assessment Services


You are wondering how good your cybersecurity practices are doing and where you could improve it even better. Our Cybersecurity Management Assessment Services can give a complete answer.

Mgmt Assessment Services

3. Cybersecurity Awareness Services

Your employees could be the weakest link that cause problems to your organization’s overall security posture. If you think you need to have a look into and improve the security awareness of your organization, our Cybersecurity Awareness Services can have the answer you have been looking for.

The training can be conducted as a classroom-based learning or e-learning via our Cyber Awareness Traning platform.

Cybersecurity Awareness Services
Group 103.png
Awareness Services
Cybersecurity Consulting Services 1
Cybersecurity Consulting Services 2

4. Cybersecurity Consulting Services

You might feel that you need to discuss with us about your specific situation, or you would need tailored-fit solutions for your organization. Our cybersecurity and technology risk consulting services could support you on your way toward building a more secured organization, no matter where you are in the journey. Our cybersecurity and risk consulting services include:

  • Cybersecurity and Technology Risk health-check 

  • Risk strategy and roadmap development and implementation

  • Risk and cybersecurity governance, framework, policies, procedures and standards development

  • Data classification and management

  • Data privacy and protection

  • Project risk management

  • Third party risk management

  • Cybersecurity incident response

  • Compliance consulting and management (ISO 27001, GDPR, etc.)

Consulting Services

Our service approach and delivery when necessary will leverage on and apply various international frameworks and standards.


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